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Academy for Further and Advanced Training

Real-life, multi-disciplinary learning

People attending advanced training courses usually hope these will be as practical as possible. They want to hear examples but also work directly on cases. This is exactly what is possible at the Academy of the Evangelische Geriatriezentrum (EGZB).  It is located on the hospital premises so that hospital patients can be easily integrated in the seminar concept. Theoretical tuition in the seminar rooms in the morning, afternoons spent on the wards - this is usually the structure of seminar days at the EGZB Academy.


Real treatment situations

This approach is ideal for most of the 100 and more courses we offer every year, particularly when dealing with some of the frequent topics such as wound treatment, malnutrition in senior citizens or fall prevention. The practical approach has proven particularly appropriate for the Bobath courses, where we are one of the leading course providers in Germany. After all, it makes a difference whether course participants try out what they have learnt on a course partner who will tolerate mistakes, or on a patient whose physical limitations and ailments confront the therapist with a real situation. The quality of our Bobath courses is also due to the choice of teaching staff: we only work together with renowned specialists who have completed training recognised by the IBITA.


Offers for the whole team

The Bobath seminars together with the courses on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) make the EGZB Academy interesting for physio- and occupational therapists. But the range we offers goes way beyond this. We address the whole multiprofessional geriatric team, with physio- and occupational therapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, nursing staff and last but not least, also the doctors. The multi-professional approach, which is anchored in our mission statement, is demonstrated in particular by "Zercur Geriatrie". This seminar is particularly interesting for people working in all the professions that are having to make adjustments to the needs and demands of the constantly growing number of patients of an advanced age. Zercur Geriatrie and also the other seminars we offer have the advantage that they nearly all accrue advanced training points.

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