Experts for geriatric medicine

The acute care hospital and day clinic in the Evangelische Geriatriezentrum Berlin (EGZB) is specialised in typical geriatric ailments. Patients come to us among others:

  • with neurological disorders, such as acute strokes or Parkinson's disease
  • after sustaining fractures
  • after general surgery, e.g. to remove the gall bladder
  • for prosthesis adjustment
  • with uncertain gait and frequent falls
  • with diabetes mellitus
  • with acute infections, e.g. urinary tract infection or pneumonia
  • with diagnosis and therapy for dimentia, e.g. Alzheimer's


Beate Geißler

Patient Coordinator Manager

Evangelisches Geriatriezentrum Berlin gGmbH

Reinickendorfer Str. 61

13347 Berlin

Phone   + 49(0)30 4594-1957/2054

Fax  +49(0)30 450-578935

Email  beate.geissler(at)


Rehabilitation from Day One

The outstanding feature of our acute care geriatric hospital is the focus we place on early rehabilitation. This means that the treatment of your illness is geared to your individual constitution and situation. At the same time, we do everything within our powers to preserve or restore your capabilities, thanks to a broad interdisciplinary team that provides you with intensive support from Day One. It is made up of the following:

  • Medical service
  • Nursing service
  • Neuropsychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Social service
  • Nutrition counselling

We are also specialised in accompanying diseases such as: malnutrition, swallowing disorders, depression, decubitus and scar complications. Many of our patients are referred to us directly from another hospital, e.g. from the Charité, or acute cases are referred by their GPs.

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