Dr. Gernot Lämmler

Senior Neuropsychologist

Evangelisches Geriatriezentrum Berlin gGmbH

Reinickendorfer Str. 61

13347 Berlin

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Voluntary social year (FSJ) at the EGZB

FSJ report in neuropsychology

Neuropsychologists: the experts for mental ability

Neuropsychologists treat the psychic consequences of organic brain disorders such as strokes or dementia which occur with particular frequency in old age. Psychic consequences are revealed by

  • disruptions in mental abilities, such as attention and memory
  • behavioural disorders, e.g. apathy
  • well-being disorders, e.g. depressive moods or anxieties

Every successful treatment depends on precise diagnosis! To this end, our neuropsychologists use internationally proven test procedures. Short tests give an initial indication and can be supplemented by more differentiated procedures as needed.

In the case of acute brain disorders, such as after a stroke, the therapeutic objective is to restore the affected functions as far as possible. Here we revert to computer programs that can be used without needing any prior knowledge. If the brain disorders are an expression of a progressive condition such as Alzheimers, the approach is to sustain those functions that are still intact for the longest possible period of time, referring for example to long-term memory. In this case, the therapy takes a more playful approach and is always tailored to the patient's biography.


Advice for patients with depression

In some cases, going through illness and disabilities can cause depression and anxiety. Where necessary, our neuropsychologists offer accompanying psychotherapy while the patient is being treated in hospital to make it easier to adapt to the changed circumstances. The patients are also taught relaxation techniques.

Family members learn how they can best support "their" patients once they have been discharged. It helps many patients and their families to attend support groups. Our neuropsychologists therefore work together closely with various self-help and support groups. Dr. Gernot Lämmler, the EGZB's senior neuropsychologist, has been on the board of the Alzheimer Angehörigen-Initiative (Alzheimer's carers group) for many years.

Issues that we deal with:

Motorists and strokes

Strokes and dementia

FRANZ for greater mobility (new method of treatment for patients who have broken their hips)


Publications that might be of interest:

Ratgeber Neuropsychologie (Guide to neuropsychology)

Demenz – mit dem Vergessen leben (learning to live with forgetting)