Nutrition Counselling

We pay attention to malnutrition

Nutrition is given great attention in the Evangelische Geriatriezentrum Berlin (EGZB). Malnutrition occurs frequently in old age: 30 to 60 percent of our patients are affected. Malnutrition often has drastic results, as it increases the mortality risk. Infections and wounds take longer to clear up, there is an increased risk of falls and amentia; furthermore, patients suffering from malnutrition are more likely to loose their independence.


We react to malnutrition immediately

We therefore make every effort to detect and treat malnutrition, for example with our standardised nutrition assessment. This means that every new admission is assessed using a questionnaire (modified Mini Nutritional Assessment) to see whether he or she is well nourished, presents a risk of malnutrition or is already suffering from malnutrition. Where the patient's nutritional condition is questionable, we keep a 3-day nutrition record to see how many calories and nutrients and which quantity of liquids the patient consumes on average. This is followed by individual dietetic treatment.

Dietetic treatment is highly beneficial for the malnourished patient: the patient soon feels stronger and usually recovers general health more rapidly as well.