Dr. Regine Becker

Senior Speech Therapist

Evangelisches Geriatriezentrum Berlin gGmbH

Reinickendorfer Str. 61

13347 Berlin

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Speech therapy to improve communication

Speeth therapy is important particularly for patients who have been left with voice, speech or swallowing problems after brain damage (e.g. after a stroke or traumatic brain injury). Speech therapy uses exercises to improve

  • the understanding and production of speech (e.g. putting names to pictures, allocating words to pictures)
  • voice, articulation and breathing
  • swallowing and food intake.

Therapy usually consists of individual sessions, with group therapy as a less frequent option. Our speech therapists use differentiated diagnosis and therapy to promote speaking capabilities and improve everyday communication. The central tasks also include intensive advice and support for affected patients and their families.

The degree to which your voice, speech or swallowing problems can be completely eliminated or only compensated depends on the severity of the disorder. In any case, you can expect our therapists to be frank and open in discussing your chances and possibilities with you and your families. On request, we also recommend
self-help and support groups to help you learn to cope with the disorders.

Our speech therapists diagnose and treat the following disorders:




Apraxia of speech


Facial nerve parasis

Speech therpaists provide information and assistance in dealing with speech and swallowing disorders. Strategies can facilitate communication when dealing with speech disorders. There are also certain rules that should be heeded when dealing with swallowing disorders, to facilitate food intake.

Recommended literature giving an insight into various aspects of voice, speech and swallowing disorders together with reports from those affected can be found