Cornelie Mittelstädt-Hendrix

Managment nursing home and day care

Evangelisches Geriatriezentrum Berlin gGmbH

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13347 Berlin

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Day care: relieves the burden on the whole family

Geriatric day care aims to sustain and enhance the physical, mental and social capabilities of senior citizens. On the one hand, it lets them continue to live in their own, familiar surroundings, while on the other hand offering appropriate care and support. Social contacts in the familiar surroundings can be maintained while making new acquaintances at the same time.

Day care can help to make a real difference in relieving the burden on family members. The objective is to stabilise the general well-being of the day-care guests and give them a positive outlook on life by giving their days a corresponding structure with general activation and rehabilitation measures, as well as promoting social contacts. The days are structured essentially to the needs of each individual and intend to convey the feeling of being well care for and secure.