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Prevention assistance

Sport courses

We want do more than just treat illnesses. This is why prevention is also a focal aspect of our work. After all, we want to prevent you from having a stroke or developing cardiac insufficiency in the first place. And so during your stay with us, our staff will explain to you what you can do to avoid diabetes or arteriosclerosis, or also how to prevent falls. Furthermore, the Evangelische Geriatriezentrum Berlin (EGZB) offers special preventive courses, for example at the Sport Health Park Berlin. These courses are intended for former patients but can also be attended by senior citizens who have never been treated by us and who are interested in sports groups with medical support.

Memory Clinic

Our Memory Clinic is another preventive/precautionary service offered by the EGZB. The memory clinic provides advice and support to those concerned about no longer being able to remember everyday things. The neuropsychologists and doctors who work in the clinic can carry out special tests to see whether your lapses of memory are a normal sign of aging or actually an indication of incipient dementia. Whatever the results, our experts can help you and the members of your family with many useful items of advice.


Alzheimer's carers group

Family carers have a major role to play in looking after senior citizens. They make sure that the therapy objectives remain in focus even when the patient is back home, providing care and support in everyday situations. For many this means a great additional burden, that can also have physical impacts. For many years now, the Alzheimer Angehörigen Initiative (AAI) (Alzheimer's carers group) has been actively involved on a national scale to help those caring in the home for people suffering from Alzheimer's. The EGZB also has an AAI group where Gernot Lämmler, our senior neuropsychologist, is also involved.