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Senior Citizens' Coordination Agency

Evangelisches Geriatriezentrum Berlin gGmbH

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13347 Berlin

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Information Centre

Social workers help in a crisis

Geriatric care also includes providing corresponding advice, because geriatric illnesses have a major impact on everyday life. The patients and their families are suddenly confronted with a whole series of problems. A walking frame or wheelchair needs to be organised and funded, in some cases a home nursing service may be required or the bathroom may even have to be converted in order to carry on living in your own four walls; for some people, one alternative is to move to a corresponding home. But which costs are involved, and how much will the health insurance fund and the public health care pay?


Advice is free of charge

Very few people are really familiar with all the issues involved here. We are therefore pleased that a Senior Citizens' Coordination Agency has been set up on the premises of the Evangelische Geriatriezentrum Berlin (EGZB) to provide patients and their families with free, neutral advice, supported by the State of Berlin. The Coordination Agency can also be used by professional contacts to obtain advice on behalf of the patients and their families, such as doctors and staff working for the home nursing services, hospitals or day clinics.


Assistance with applications

As well as providing information, the coordination agency also offers psycho-social advice for people facing a crisis and in situations where major decisions have to be taken. Moreover, the social workers provide quite concrete assistance for patients in need of care and their families, helping them to fill in the application forms and showing them how to word appeals.

The Coordination Agency focuses in particular on the following issues:

  • Places where the patients can live
  • Care
  • Adapting the patient's current home surroundings
  • Respite and support for family members
  • Everyday aids
  • Rehabilitation
  • Day care and respite care
  • Specialised advice
  • Self-help support and focus groups
  • Leisure activities and tasks of a voluntary nature

Please give us a call if you need advice so that we can plan to have sufficient time to deal with your concerns.