Chaplain on call at any time

Having to spend time in hospital often means a real crisis for many patients and their families. In this kind of situation, it can help to talk to an understanding person who is not part of the hospital set-up. Tobias Kuske is a hospital pastoral chaplain who you can turn to at any time. Please ask the ward secretary or one of the nurses to make an appointment with our chaplain, or call him on

+49(0) 30 / 450 05 – 110 or mobile +49(0)178 – 131 64 14

Please also feel free to approach Tobias Kuske during one of his regular visits on every first and second Thursday and Friday in the month and ask him if he has a moment of time for you. You are naturally also cordially invited to attend divine worship:

  • on the first and second Thursday in the month at 2 p.m. in the day room on ward 3
  • on the first and third Friday in the month at 10.30 in the nursing home.